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Lost a Pet?

If your pet has gone missing, TELEPHONE local shelters, animal control, veterinarians, the police, etc. immediately to report your loss and to see if someone has picked up your pet running loose. Many times, the pet is at the pound or animal shelter, waiting for you to pick him/her up.

These contact numbers can be found on our Important Phone Numbers page.

If not, then put up posters, phone neighbors, have them look in their yards and outbuildings, put a lost pet ad in your local newspaper. It's important to communicate as much as you can that your pet is missing. If you receive reports that your pet has been spotted in a certain area, that's where you should concentrate your search. Someone may be feeding the pet or there is a ready food supply that is keeping him/her in a certain place.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If your pet, especially a cat, does not respond (come out or vocalize) when called, it is likely that it has gone into "survival mode". When searching take the time to thoroughly LOOK INSIDE possible hiding places. If the pet is in this state it will not move, YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND IT.
Finding Your Lost Pet
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