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Where There's a Will There's a Way

The Shelter has made significant progress in recent years, thanks to the generous help of our supporters, and the hard work of the shelter employees. The money you give is carefully used to get the best results in taking care of the dogs and cats that come to us. But did you know that you can continue to help us, by remembering the Shelter in your will? The shelter is conservatively building a fund reserve that will help us continue our mission, no matter what happens in the economy. Remembering the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA in your will is one way of helping us continue the shelter's mission through hard times.

Forming a will is no easy task, and thinking about its provisions is something most of us are reluctant to consider. However, doing so is a real benefit to not only your family, but also to the charities you support during your lifetime. Here are some ways you can remember the SPCA:
  1. Making a bequest to the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA in your will or living trust. This could be a general bequest of a specific sum or a percentage of your estate.
  2. Making the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA a remainder beneficiary; that is, leaving to the SPCA the sum that remains after an annuity or trust has benefitted its first beneficiary.
  3. Talking to your attorney about the ways you could help the SPCA through provisions in your will or trust.
If you decide to include the Shelter, please let your attorney know that the full name of the shelter is the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA, and the address is 6718 SH 68, Ogdensburg, NY 13669.

Since our needs vary from year to year, an unrestricted bequest that allows our board to put the money to proper use is the best option. If you prefer a restricted bequest limiting the use of money to a specific purpose, have your attorney contact the shelter about how best to channel your giving.